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We perform due diligence all over the world. Our work ranges from the simplest form of internet search to feet on the ground interviews with locals, including police, immigration, banks, other businessmen as well as local government and intelligence officials. We can help you determine, for example, whether someone is a good potential partner or agent for your company, or whether a local bank is free of the taint of money laundering or terrorist financing. Our intelligence can uncover practices which could blow-back on your company and result in bad publicity, loss of revenue or criminal charges. We have sources in areas of the world that are the most difficult to operate in, and where records are frequently unavailable or totally unreliable. We  work with you to determine what level of inquiry you need and then get you the information required, quickly.

Here are some examples of Due Diligence assignments Alphom Group has carried out for clients.

Vetted Baltic representative for major U.S. multinational company

In less than a week, we cleared the applicant including verifying every relevant detail of the voluminous data requested by the U.S. firm. Working with our local contact on the ground, a former government official, we assured our client that the prospective agent was not fronting for an organized crime or foreign political entity, both significant problems in this region.

U.S. energy company needed info before embarking on complex venture in troubled Asian country.

Our client needed full details on relationships between four other firms involved, as well as financial information and potential risks of investing in that country.

Our solution required due diligence, business intelligence and analysis on three continents and inside information in five different countries, each with different levels of transparency from forthcoming to nearly opaque.

Our exhaustive, in-depth analysis in each country, mining many local hands-on contacts, was delivered in less than three weeks.

Due diligence helped major U.S. money transfer company avoid unwitting association with terrorists.

A major U.S. company examined working with local associates with ostensibly legitimate and relevant backgrounds in South Asia and the Middle East.

Based on our in-depth analysis and due diligence, we were able to determine that, in one case, the potential associates were drug and weapons-traffickers and, in other cases, had ties to terrorist groups and in others the ownership was fraudulent or tied to persons of interest whose ownership was hidden.

Alphom Group traced device behind death in Baghdad to fraudulent seller.

A major U.S. law firm was seeking the facts about the source of a piece of improperly installed equipment that resulted in the accidental death of US soldier.

Within five days, our local contacts determined that the seller of the device had added a serial number to the original markings on the device to disguise its actual point of origin, China, as well as its actual cost, so he could sell it at a greatly inflated price. No record was kept by the seller of the serial numbers at the time of sale so the number added no value in trying to determine when and to whom the device was sold.