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We are the first call made by certain companies when bad things happen to them, their resources or personnel around the world. There are many places in the world where local responses to everything from a minor fire to a major terrorist incident are less than satisfactory and where the results of even an official investigation are sometimes more creative or political than factual. We maintain our own local sources of information that will help your company determine what it needs to know. If there is physical material that needs to be examined, we have access to the people and organizations that can do the necessary analysis. If you are worried about the state of your company network, or how secure your intra-company communications are, we can guide you to a secure solution.

Here are some examples of Investigations and Forensic Analysis assignments that we have handled for clients.

Defense against serious criminal charges

When the head of a major international donor agency was arrested on a charge of rape we joined the defense team. We learned that alleged victim was a proven liar who has made nearly identical charges as a basis for her false but successful asylum claim. Most of her claimed background was also false. We also used various technical means including piecing together cc camera footage and the rfid record of her actions inside her place of work to show that the claims she made about her actions were also false. The local district attorney finally declined to prosecute and the charge was dismissed.

Determine the true extent of casualties and causes resulting from truck bombing of South Asian hotel

Our client, a large international insurance company, insured the entire chain of hotels to which the bombed hotel belonged. The insurance company was unable to get accurate information on the number of casualties, the hospitals where victims were taken and the type and extent of injuries. There were also extensive local rumors about the source of fires in the upper stories of the hotel and various other anomalies. Using our local sources we were able to clarify the casualty matter and identify the proper hospitals and extent of injuries within 24 hours. We used locally acquired television footage to show the source of fires in the upper stories as burning shrapnel from the original blast. We then kept track of local investigations, including attempts by local authorities to shift responsibility for the bombing from a local terrorist group to some non-existent external conspirator.

Investigated sudden death of US athlete during international competition in Middle East. Helped determine probable cause.

Local authorities had failed to respond to our client’s requests for information about the incident.

We went to the country, questioned local authorities in charge of the competition, obtained photographs taken during the events plus a complete set of plans for the event. We also photographed the site of the event and interviewed both other international competitors and local spectators.

We clarified the client’s concerns and provided data that helped determine the probable cause of the accident.

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