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Alphom Group has been involved in training since its inception. We do everything from one-on-one specialized briefings to lectures on specific subjects to full-scale training of groups that last several days or weeks. We use imaginative tools and make presentations especially tailored to the group or individual. Institutions and organizations that have used our services include colleges and universities, specialized national level war colleges both in the U.S. and abroad, U.S. government training programs and companies expanding their operations into new areas. We tailor make our training products and presentations ourselves according to the needs of our clients. Your company will not get a canned presentation written for someone else; you will get a product that addresses your needs directly and that was devised for you. 

Here are some examples of training programs we created and conducted for our clients.

Helped design, implement and teach course for new Department of Homeland Security analysts

The Department of Homeland Security, created after 9/11, was staffed by people with law enforcement experience, few had previous intelligence training.

Our training, in which over 1000 members of the department participated, covered both basic and mid-level disciplines for entry-level analysts and middle managers.

Alphom Group conducted a multi-week training program for a European based firm about to work in a third world country.

Alphom Group researched, wrote and delivered the product, a six week training program, and did the training from start to finish in three months. The program included lectures by local and U.S.-based experts, audio-visual material, a complex international training scenario with dozens of created characters and situations, and hands-on exercises. Training took place in Africa.

Alphom Group briefed new members of Congress on the realities of counter-terrorism.

The purpose of this special program for 21 members of the House of Representatives, sponsored by a non-governmental organization and hosted by two prominent members of the House, was to help members understand the mentality and objectives of international terrorists and to spark their concern about the matter in their home districts.

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