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Travel and Information Security 

In our knowledge economy what is in the head of your employees and what they carry with them as electronic media may be the most valuable assets of your company. Due diligence is required since during travel your intellectual property is as much at risk as your personnel. Your company has a duty of care to your personnel and a very direct interest in protecting the intellectual property they carry with them. We can help you do both. It does not matter today where your personnel are going or what mode of travel they are using; there are real risks everywhere. We have extensive experience in protecting companies and personnel in assignments requiring travel.

We have done tailored briefings to companies for personnel who travel generally or to specific countries or regions of the world. We also do specific and tailored pre-trip advance work to ensure security for the highest-ranking executives.  For several years we did specialized briefings for the staff of the newly created Department of Homeland Security and helped that department set up its own internal briefing program. Whether it is one employee or one hundred, we can help your company carry out its duty of care responsibilities and your personnel travel safely.

Here are some examples of how we assisted clients in this area.

Provided essential information and training to U.S. aircraft manufacturer in deal with South Asian country.

The manufacturer required in-depth analysis and training on a comprehensive list of political, social, security and health issues for potential U.S. personnel who would be relocated for a year or more.

As this U.S.-based manufacturer had no previous experience in this country, we assisted in planning rotation policies, health and hygiene programs, medical evacuation procedures and pay and performance incentives.

Subsequently we monitored the situation to ensure that personnel were treated as promised.

Provided security for concerts in 18 European cities in 2016.

Working with two other companies we provided top level planning and on the ground security for a major star with the 18 concerts given in Europe in 2016. There were terrorist incidents, plotting and threats throughout the region including in the countries and cities of the concerts and there were several actual terrorist incidents during the tour schedule. We kept our client and the concert attendees safe.

We worked with top level intelligence and law enforcement as well as private security companies to asses the level of risk at each concert location, plan attendee controls to reduce risk, used social media monitoring tools to locate potential threats and planned routes and emergency response protocols.  We also determined the precise locations of known stalkers prior to each concert.     

Provided pre-travel security assessments in European country for provocative major Hollywood actor and director.

We were asked to ascertain and protect against potential threats during the events surrounding a much-publicized film premiere in a major European city.

The star of this major film is controversial to certain groups in this and other countries. The director had a history of threats to his life by mentally disturbed persons.

We worked with local intelligence and law enforcement personnel to insure the highly publicized event, attended by huge crowds, turned out to be uneventful.

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