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Energy company alerted to military intentions in Africa. Saves millions of dollars.

A U.S. energy company needed immediate information on the prospects of a European government maintaining troops in a troubled African country. Within 72 hours, Alphom Group had provided a full and authoritative response. The answer enabled the oil company to abandon its contingency plan to relocate personnel, shut down its operation and possibly abandon and lose millions of dollars in equipment and supplies.

Know Your Client: Uncovered fraud in South Asian bank for international money transfer firm.

This firm needed assurances on the integrity of a bank it was considering conducting business with. In less than a week, through first hand investigation, we uncovered fraudulent activities plus a history of connections to terrorist supporters.

Our discoveries ended client’s association with the bank, an association that could have harmed the U.S. company’s reputation and have even led to criminal charges and heavy fines under various Know Your Client laws.

Alphom Group joins prominent think tanks in making counter-terrorism recommendations to incoming Presidential administration

We participated in non-partisan panel discussions, seminars and an international conference designed to create a counter-terrorism policy recommendation for whoever won a presidential election. We were part of the process on every level, from initial planning meetings to a conference in Germany sponsored jointly by U.S. and German organizations.

At this conference Alphom Group led a U.S.-French presentation on international cooperation on counter-terrorism.

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